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Grand Hyatt Guangzhou (Hj Grand Hotel Guangzhou), Guangzhou Huadu District est un grand hôtel de conférence commerciale, construit selon les normes étoiles, l 'environnement de transport est très pratique, est l' idéal pour les hommes d 'affaires.Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Hotel, Guangzhou Hotel to the airportL 'hôtel est ouvert en 2007 et possède 760 chambres de luxe, dont 570 pour l' un des immeubles principaux (y compris le premier sous - sol) et 190 pour l 'annexe II.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Multi - functional Conference Hall, best street, China Western Restaurant, Business center, and other services, Humanized Housing courtoisie, hâte d 'accueillir les touristes.Des services de messagerie par autobus sont fournis pendant la foire.Les hôtels sont équipés de salles de conférence de 10 à 1 500 personnes de différentes tailles, soit 16 salles de récréation, réparties sur trois étages, avec des lumières lumineuses, des salles visuelles accessibles à 1 000 personnes et des festivals sino - occidentaux.Six étages sont présentés dans une salle de banquet de jardin aérien, spacieuse, qui peut s' accompagner d 'une conférence ou d' un petit festin de taille moyenne selon les besoins, de deux salles de banquet polyvalentes d 'environ 1 200 mètres carrés et de deux salles de conférence D' environ 500 mètres carrés (sans colonne), ce qui est une bonne option pour la tenue de réunions, de commerces, de festivals et d 'expositions.L 'hôtel peut accueillir 400 festivals de luxe, la première décoration chinoise élégante de Jun Yue Xuan Fu, qui rassemble la culture alimentaire du Guangdong.Dans le restaurant de haute qualité de l 'hirondelle, les ailes, les baux et les plats cantonnais authentiques, les grands cuisiniers peuvent cuisiner avec votre coeur.Tous les types de restaurants chinois, occidentaux, japonais vous propose des plats célèbres dans le monde entier, de haute et moyenne qualité de l 'accueil, des plats riches et des vins de renom dans le monde entier pour votre festin.
réservation de repas: 020 - 3698888 * 7122, réservation de repas occidentaux: 020 - 36988888 * 7288, réservation journalière: 020 - 369888 * 7171, réservation de séances: 020 - 36988888 * 7118.
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Commentaires Plus
  • gin_w
    Well, a little expensive
  • laosi
    Room was very big and price is high, is around little shop
  • olden6
    Hotel is a bit old, breakfast buffet not flattered, too little variety, service can be, fair distribution bus is very convenient, also a convenient airport shuttle.
  • military71
    People don't know how to
  • tigerge
    The color of the carpet is too dirty, too noisy, not suitable for rest
  • e00121114
    The location of the hotel is very good, close to airport, convenient travel. sanitation is also very good, which has been to choose, hope more people choose, thank you again for your efforts.
  • Cacy09
    Many times live, the bathroom is very small, and the design is not reasonable, to deposit each time the mobile phone charger, breakfast OK
  • genleng
    Transit can also have a shuttle to the airport, breakfast is poor
  • davistar
    Very general, surrounded by construction sites, staff are very general, and seems to have no training, like breakfast too little, didn't even sour cream, not to mention restaurant waiter services, all of them as wood standing there
  • julyer829
    Good breakfast, clean rooms, close to airport, convenient.
  • Eileen8408
    Which is very nice
  • e01275837
    Hotels near airport, price was good
  • aileen1314
    Hotel good sanitation, facilities, decoration style is not bad, price, location, close to the airport, for those who catch a flight the next day arrival, buffet breakfast was not too much, Kwangtung more, feel good, sleep at night could be heard near the voices in the room.
  • wingla
    Airport transfer service is too rigid, only hours before a class, do not prepare according to the specific situations of customers. Only thing close to little places to eat around the airport.
  • COCO Love
    Not worth the price
  • alignmen
    Hotel was good, but chess and cards room quite expensive, not services
  • ytiii
    A bit old but you can also pick up
  • e02005256
    Environment is good, the service is also very good, close to airport, shuttle bus
  • dw120500
    Clean and comfortable
  • aditya319
    Environment, the only thing better is to pick up, take a taxi because it is difficult to play, but normal to wait for a long time, the service is not
  • daisy_sspp
    Room was large, the service needs to be improved.
  • lmsusan
    Very close from the airport, very convenient. facilities good, next time will be in
  • Bevin
    Hotel location was excellent, close to airport and suitable for passengers have to catch a plane, hotel facilities, rooms are very nice, price is relatively high, is recommended.
  • e00607162
    very good location, close to airport. Just 15min by car. dont expect fancy service or food.
  • antarctica
    Hotel complimentary airport shuttle service, departure hall gate 20th. Can swim for free at the hotel who may till 11 o'clock in the evening, need to bring swimming trunks, swimming CAP, or 70 purchase. Breakfast for tomorrow we don't know. Many flight attendants, less air, Captain. Nine o'clock in the evening, had not finished, still clean, business is good, it is estimated that crews removed. has just come in and spray a lot of perfumes, there is flavor, ventilation Windows that open the door to openAir conditioning, breath of fresh air. Evaluation, the room was large. TV is also very clear. bed big enough room. 499 Yuan a night, including 2 earlier.
  • e00037359
    Very good! also come after.
  • ColinBooy
    Relatively near the airport hotel, quiet, facilities and services in place, very comfortable!
  • joe_liao
    Hotel service is poor
  • iiiiyyyy
    A bit remote, not so close from the airport, free airport transfer.
  • Floralynn
    Good service, good environment, promote, and easy.
  • lwingwing
    It wasn't too bad
  • fifix
    Near the hotel is not convenient for transportation!
  • ronniexia
    Room can be old, dimly lit, the price is not cheap.
  • bear_weiwei
    Number of rooms at the environment better, very convenient.
  • JCrystal50
    Around Nice, there are many places to eat
  • deadage
    This on this hotel impression too poor has. to eat breakfast inside of portrait fight as. fundamental didn't location sat. took has a copies good easy found seat, back again took a poached eggs on found didn't eat of breakfast didn't waiter received off has, only again find location. inside are is flights late of guest. check out also are not queued, waiter also regardless of. is good of hotel management reduced to this degree, unfortunately Ah. on has, room in slippers also no, find waiter to was said I himself hid up. Can't I get membership to the resort next to a pair of
  • litory
    Well there is no breakfast
  • e02300984
    That's good
  • td10140
    Facilities good, ring. border is good, good service, convenient. very satisfactory stay.
  • alta1982
    Clean and comfortable
  • Eternity
    A loud noise downstairs nightclub at one or two in the Middle, the subwoofer, the Windows in shock. hotel in bad sound insulation, I can't sleep at night, nor the negotiations at the front desk. this hotel will ever live a second time.
  • smart130
    Very general
  • monica_xj
    Great hotel for a reasonable price. Really enjoyed my stay there, its a shame I was only there for around 12 hours. Good facilities, with a few different restaurants and a KTV bar for those who are there for a good time. I ate at the Western restaurant, which offered reasonable food for a decent price. Would highly recommend it and am looking forward to my next stay there.
  • abc7789291
    Close to airport, convenient transit, big
  • carol52033
    Close to airport, surrounding businesses, breakfast, room facilities and some old, but free upgrade of room was good
  • abao925
    Too much noise, and I can't sleep not sleep, all KTV a sound
  • lucy197957
    It's not bad
  • direman
    Complete hotel amenities, very close to the airport, with free shuttle service, very quiet. but not satisfied with my little scissors were lost in the room, room attendant insists that he didn't take, also says there is no solution is a pair of scissors if valuables are in trouble.
  • lsgaojf
    Feeling a little lonely, not very convenient
  • bumian2007